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Rey Del Mar Kayak Tournament


This event is in honor and support Heroes on the Waters Coastal Bend and SEA.

Through a partnership based on shared passion for kayak angling, Fin Factory Kayak & Tackle Co. and  Austin Kayak/KATS is proud to announce Rey Del Mar; an inshore/offshore kayak tournament. The 2-day inshore/offshore event will take place August 3rd and 4th along the Corpus Christi/Port Aransas area. Kayak Anglers across the nation will have the opportunity to show their skills and endurance while participating on a one of a saltwater kayak tournament. Anglers can sign up for single events or combined.


Fish On!


Juan Carlos Andreu                          Mike Morales                            

Tournament Co-Director          Tournament Co-Director               

ACK - KATS Series                       Fin Factory Kayak & Tackle Co.                

General Information 



Ray Del Mar Kayak Fishing Tournament will be held August 3rd and 4th (Saturday/Sunday), with the OffShore Tournament on Saturday and the InShore on Sunday. In the case of inclement weather they InShore / OffShore days will be swapped or the OffShore day will become a second InShore day for a 2-day InShore event.




    • Friday (8/2):  OffShore Captains Meeting and check-in from 6:30pm to 10:00 pm at MARKER 37 Marina (13317 S Padre Island Dr. Corpus Christi, Tx 78418)

    • Saturday (8/3): Offshore Tournament (pending weather confirmation)

      • Launch: “Honor start” NO kayaks in water before 6:24 AM CST

      • Marker 37 Marina  ( 13317 S Padre Island Dr. Corpus Christi, Tx) Beginning at 1:00 PM CST and end at 3:00 PM CST, anglers MUST be in line by 2:59:59 PM CST. 

      • Boundaries: Begin North at Port Aransas Jetties and end in front of the helipad, approximately 6.5 miles South of the South Padre National Sea Port Entrance 


Offshore Launch Boundaries: 

(See Fin Factory Page)

Offshore/Inshore Captains Meeting and Weight-in Location

  • Saturday (8/3): Inshore Captains Meeting  - Marker 37 Marina starting at ime 6pm (mandatory)

  • Sunday (8/4): Inshore Tournament

    • Anglers can launch at anytime. Lines CANNOT touch the water before 6:24am

    • Roadrunner with no boundaries.

    • Live Fish Weigh In: Marker 37 Marina @ 3:00 PM CST, anglers MUST be in line by 2:59:59 PM CST

*TDs reserve the right to swap inshore and offshore event days or rule both days as inshore for safety and weather precautions.




  • Rey Del Mar is a 2-day InShore and OffShore tournament. 

  • Anglers can compete in the following ways: 

    • OffShore Only 

    • InShore Only

    • OffShore / Inshore Combo 

      • Anglers must post a score in both inshore and offshore divisions to be eligible for Rey Del Salt Grand Champion




  • Registration is available online at www.fishkats.com and www.finfactorycahrters.com and in person or over the phone at any ACK store and Fin Factory Kayak & Tackle Co.

  • Online Registration will end on the Thursday night prior to Tournament)

  • Entry Fee for Rey Del Mar is as follows:

      • InShore $75

        • $5 Charity, $10 Cost, $60 payout

    • OffShore $100

      • $5 Charity, $10 Cost, $80 payout

    • InShore + OffShore Combo $175 


  • InShore and OffShore divisions will be treated as separate tournaments in regards to scoring, prizes and payouts. 

  • Prizes and payouts will be awarded to the qualifying anglers as described in the division rules below

  • There will be an additional prize awarded to the angler with the highest combined InShore + OffShore score 

    • Overall Champion of the Inshore + Offshore combo will be awarded by the aggregate weight scored on both events.

    • NO TEAM DIVISION. This is an individual event. 




OFFSHORE Rules and Info:

  • Captain meeting is MANDATORY

  • Angler’s must be 18 years or older to participate. 

  • All fish must be caught on rod and reel with artificial lures, live bait or dead bait. 

  • Pooling or sharing fish between any 2 anglers is strictly prohibited. 

  • All weighted fish have to be whole (not but in half or missing tail or heads)

  • No fishing attracting devices allowed.

  • All sharks, bill fish and grouper must be released. All other fish have the option to be kept and harvested according to Texas Parks and Wildlife regulations. 

  • Boundaries: Begin North at Port Aransas Jetties and end in front of the helipad, approximately 6.5 miles South of the South Padre National Sea Port Entrance. STATE WATERS ONLY. 

  • All Anglers must check-in at Marker 37 Marina even when not weighing fish to allow for 100% accountability for safety.

  • All anglers MUST fish in a group minimum of two anglers. Individuals without a group will be partnered. This is for safety and not for sharing or pooling fish.

  • Awards will be given based on the total weight scored. 1st through 3th. 

  • Scoring - The following is a list of eligible species on the offshore tournament: Kingfish, Cobia and Spanish Mackerel. Anglers can only weigh in one fish of each species, for a total of 3 fish, while obeying Texas Parks and Wildlife limits and regulations. 

  • Side pots for biggest Kingfish, Cobia and Spanish Mackerel and Red Snapper and “trash can” side pot. $20 per side pot.

  • Jack Crevalle and bonita is the only eligible fish for the “trash can” side pot. 

  • In the event of no fish being caught all payout for the division(s) will be donated by a charity chosen by the tournament directors.

  • All participants must follow coast guard safety regulations and WEAR their life jacket/PFD at all times on the water. In addition, each group must have at least 1 VHF radio or cell phone and a whistle.



INSHORE Rules and Info:



  • Captain’s Meeting attendance is MANDATORY.

  • Individual event. No teams allowed.

  • Angler’s must be 18 years or older, or accompanied by a parent or guardian to participate. 

  • No Boundaries.

  • A total of 2 redfish can we weighted in for scoring. A redfish must be within the slot limit of 20-28 inches. No oversize refish will be weighted in, tagged or not. Taking an oversized redfish to the weight in will result in disqualification.

  • All fish must be live at time of weighing. A “Live Fish” is defined as showing a sign of life including movement, gill movement, tail, fin or jaw movement in the scale. Tournament Director and Weighmaster hold 100% decision power on whether fish is alive or not. 

    • A penalty if ¼ lb will be assessed for a dead fish.

    • Weight is based on rounding to the nearest 100th of a lbs. 

  • We encourage all anglers to release all live fish after scoring but is up to the angler to do so. 

  • Weight and Length will be determined by official tournament devices at weigh in as provided by Fin Factory and ACK and supervised by Weightmaster.

  • Side Pots : Heaviest slot redfish, redfish with most spots and featherweight (lightest slot redfish). Each side pot is $20. 100% of sidepot money goes to winners. 

  • The Rey Del Mar InShore tournament will be a “roadrunner”.

  • Anglers can launch at anytime. Lines CANNOT touch the water before 6:24am

    • Roadrunner with no boundaries.

  • Cash payouts will be awarded for anglers in the Top 3 category with Prizes awarded to those placing 3rd through 10th place.  

  • NO GUIDES allowed to fish in the event. Fishing Guides both motor boat captains and Kayak fishing guides possessing a Texas Fishing Guide License or those who have accepted compensation for fishing activities are not eligible to compete in the Rey Del Mar “Inshore” Kayak fishing tournament.




  • Offshore participants are welcome to prefish up until the captains meeting, Friday evening. 

  • Inshore pre fishing is allowed until Saturday (8/3) at 11:59:59pm CST

  • 7 Day OFF limits of hiring guide services from DAY OF tournament. 

    • Ex: If event takes place on 8/5. Guide Services are OFF limits after 7/28, 11:59pm

  • Jetties, Piers, and Ferry lanes and landings, and offshore waters are OFF LIMITS for inshore division. 




  • Artificial bait or lures only. Flies and hand-tied flies will be permitted.

  • Rod and Reel and Fly Rods are the only devices acceptable.

  • 2 rods/lines in the water at anytime with a max of 1 trolling at any time, and 1 in anglers hands at any time. 



(InShore + OffShore)




  • The Series is open to ALL anglers provided they meet the Requirements and honor all Rules and Regulations listed below.

  • There are NO membership fees or dues aside from individual event registration fees and optional side pots or raffle tickets.

  • Disabled or Special Medical Needs:  Competitors will be allowed to use kayaks or canoes with maximum of 12V trolling motors, or Kayak Manufacturer Motors, for competitions with prior approval from Tournament Director.

    • TD reserves the right to seek verification, such as a doctor’s note(athletic exemption). Please contact the TD with ample time to make these arrangements.

    • Competitor must provide a medical athletic exemption note from licensed physician notifying that the competitor qualifies for a temporary exemption and may use a motorized kayak due to disability, health risks, and other medical situations that otherwise impair the ability to participate in a standard paddling event. Exemption note must include a time period of exemption not to exceed the current season ( a new note will be required for subsequent seasons). 

    • Exemption Form to be found on www.fishkats.com




  • ALL competitors must agree to a liability release prior to start of the event, this will be completed during your online registration.

  • No anglers under the age of 18 are allowed to compete in the Offshore division of Rey Del Mar. 

  • ALL competitors UNDER the age of 18 competing in the Inshore division must provide a liability release signed by a parent or guardian before the start of the event. Parent or guardian must be present. 

  • ALL competitors MUST have a valid Texas Saltwater Fishing License or be exempt under TPWD regulations.




  • ONLY human powered vessels will be allowed.

  • Kayaks, canoes, rowboats, inflatable boats, paddle boats, stand up paddleboards are acceptable.

  • NO gasoline or electric motor propelled boats, sail boats, airboats, float tubes, or poled boats may be used.

  • NO pier/jug/trot line/hand line/cast/wading or drag net/bow/spear fishing allowed.

  • Anglers may only wade/shoreline fish with kayak tethered to them.




  • ALL competitors must launch from shore at any legal and public launch site within the boundary waters of that particular event.

  • ALL competitors will launch at designated launch time/first cast listed above. 

  • Transporting vessels/competitors via power driven boats (including towing) is strictly prohibited except in the case of an emergency as determined by the tournament director.




  • PFD (life jacket) MUST be worn at ALL times while on the water. NO exceptions. Violators will be immediately disqualified if spotted not wearing a PFD. 

  • Competitors must meet all TPWD regulations.

    • http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/fishboat/boat/laws/

    • - Competitors must meet all US Coast Guard Regulations.

    • http://www.uscgboating.org/ 

    • Tournament official spotters will be present during competitions.

    • A 360 Light is required under TPWD regulations when fishing 30 minutes before sunrise or 30 minutes after sunset or anytime in between and will be required when our launch times fall under these guidelines. Supernovas or LED light strips DO NOT meet these requirements. You will be held back for launch or DQ’ed if launching without a 360 light prior to safe light.




  • The boundary waters where the current event will be held is strictly OFF LIMITS to any contestant participating in Rey Del Mar starting at the beginning of the Captains Meeting day prior to tournament for Offshore division and at 11:59:59 pm Saturday (8/4) for inshore division. 

  • ANY angler caught and reported (with proof) fishing during off limits period will be disqualified and forfeit their entry fee. NO exceptions.

  • Fishing in OFF-LIMITS areas will result in disqualification. OFF -LIMITS areas are defined as but not limited to any and all areas marked by buoys , signage, or barriers with the intent of keeping people out. Any posted, legal, private property, or otherwise off limits areas plus any specific areas as determined by tournament staff are strictly OFF-LIMITS to anglers. Anglers may NOT fish, cast a line, or be in the off-limits areas. 




  • INCLEMENT WEATHER:  The Tournament Director may delay, reschedule, or cancel the event.

    • The first option will be a delay to be determined by the tournament director.

    • Second option is InShore / OffShore days will be swapped or the OffShore day will become a second InShore day for a 2-day InShore event.

    • If both days are rescheduled, the following weekend will serve as make-up event.

    • If canceled or rescheduled, entrants will be refunded

    • No refunds for prepaid entrants will be given for non-attendance regardless of the reason.




  • DRUG and ALCOHOL use during the tournament is strictly PROHIBITED.

  • ANY competitor found to be under the influence will be disqualified and will receive a score of ZERO.




  • All rules are decided and interpreted by the Tournament Director. Any protests must be submitted to tournament officials within 1 hour after the announcement of the winners. To make a protest you must pay a $100 fee for your protest to be considered and have physical evidence to support your claim. If after reviewing your protest is approved, your $100 “protest fee” will be refunded.

  • The Tournament Director retains the right to make any changes at ANY time, and the FINAL decision.

  • Not having read the rules is NOT an exception.

  • All necessary information will be posted prior to event on both official sites (www.finfactorycahrters.com and www.kats.com)




  • El Rey Del Mar competition is intended and will be a competitive and professional event. It is also designed to be lots of fun. That being said, ALL anglers are encouraged to be good sportsmen throughout the series. Any disorderly conduct, violation of rules, or illegal activity may result in your disqualification.

  • Any report of cheating will be investigated. Any cheating reported with proof will result in immediate disqualification.  KNOW THE RULES!

  • We reserve the right to polygraph anyone entering in the Ray Del Mar tournament to determine foul play. We also reserve the right to disqualify anyone from the results of the tests including inconclusive test results.

  • NO competitors are to be within 10 yards of each other during fish-time; except in the case of emergency when assistance is required.




  • In the event of a TIE, the following criteria will decide the winner:

    • Heaviest single weighted fish (inshore or offshore) is the tie breaker

    • Next tie breaker is angler who weighted in the fish first. 




You may contact ACK/KATS an/or Fin Factory Kayak & Tackle Co. Staff for questions or concerns
(please read all rules and postings on www.fishkats.com and www.finfactorycharters.com first)
Email: katstexas@summitsports.com, mike@finfactorycharters.com